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Thread Face Lift

Thread Face Lift is an alternative aesthetic procedure to face lift surgery, which has been used in recent years for patients who want to rejuvenate their face without surgery. Surgical threads, which are normally used during surgery, are the face lift without taking the patient into the operating room and without any incisions. However, in this procedure, we create a similar effect without surgery.

Names Used for the procedure

• Thread face lift

• Thread facelift

• Thread rejuvenation

• Non-surgical face lift

• Thread Face Lift treatment

• V-Lift

• Ultra V-Lift

How is Thread Face Lift Treatment Performed?

Thread facelift is performed by placing threads under the skin. For the hanging process in proportion to the stretching and hanging, the problem level is determined first on the face that is zoned as the middle part of the face, the lower and upper parts, and the sides, and the operation plan is made by drawing the regions with the application pen.

The threads are placed and pushed with cannulas to the places prescribed and drawn by the doctor to provide suspension and stretching. In this way, a kind of net shape is created under the skin and the skin is suspended in the sagging, loosening and losing contours. In the process; Straight, awn or cone threads are used and these threads serve as a different degree of pulling up and stretching in each region.

Is Non-Surgical Thread Face Lift Painful?

Before the thread face lift procedure, creams that create regional numbness are applied to the application area. In this way, the patient does not feel the cannula insertion and the placement of the threads during the application.

Is the V Lift Process Only Performed on the Face Area?

No. Thread stretching and hanging can be applied to all points in the face area as well as; It can be applied to areas such as neck and chin.

To Whom Can Thread Lifting Procedures Be Applied?

It can be applied to all women and men who are not expectant mothers (not pregnant), who do not breastfeed, do not use drugs, do not have very dense and deep sagging, wrinkle problems.

Is V Lift Application a Permanent Procedure?

No, it is not. The threads placed under the skin with the thread face lift process are deformed and destroyed by the subcutaneous enzymes over time.

Can Non-Surgical Thread Lift Application Be Performed for the Second Time?

Thread lift application can be done again after the threads placed lose their function and the application area returns to its original state.

Is Thread Face Lift Application Risky?

There is no risk when thread facelift is performed on patients who do not have any problems with the procedure. In addition, if the application is not performed in people who do not have allergic diseases, all possible risks will be avoided. In addition, general anesthesia is not applied because thread facelift and suspension treatment is not a surgical procedure. In this way, the risks associated with anesthesia are also eliminated.