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Minerva Lift

World-class Minerva Lift minimizes side effects with its Super Volume effect. Double cannula "L" or "W" type tips have higher efficiency. Thus, it gives good results in all face operations with fewer entry points.

Minerva French Hanger Features

  • 360° screw molding casting teeth
  • Super volume removal support
  • Powerful lifting and fixing
  • Longer duration of action
  • Minimizing the risk of surgery


Our products are completely sterile and have GMP, KFDA, CLASS-III, ENJECTABLE, MEDICALDEVICE, ISO and CE CERTIFICATES.

It is produced in completely sterile and untouched in professional facilities in accordance with the hygienic and health rules determined by the European Health Organization.

Our products are approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, Medical Devices Agency and ÜTS.
It can only be applied by specialist doctors.

Official Sales Rights of our products belongs to ÖSTAFARMA MEDİKAL LTD. STI. and is the Exclusive distributor.

Our products are completely original and supplied by our company.

ÖSTAFARMA MEDİKAL LTD. STI. Cannot be held responsible for products that is not supplied by our company.