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Osta Vit-C

3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic acid


Ethyl ascorbic acid or also known as 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic acid (86404-04-8) is a molecule produced by modifying ascorbic acid, commonly known as Vitamin C. The modification is usually done to increase the stability of the molecule and also to increase its transport through the skin and as a pure Vitamin C. , is easily broken. Once the medicine enters the body, the modifier group is removed and vitamin C is absorbed in its natural form. This means that 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid serum gives you all the Vitamin C benefits. The compound is more effective at restoring a skin that darkens after UV exposure.


On the other hand, 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid provides additional effects in your body that are not found in pure ascorbic acid, such as stimulating nerve cell growth or minimizing chemotherapy damage. It has a slow release which ensures that you are not exposed to toxic effects while taking this vitamin C derivative. There are many stable vitamin C derivatives on the market, but sometimes choosing the best is not as easy as it seems. For example, ethyl ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate are pretty much the same way to brighten your skin. That's why choosing the right anti-aging supplement can be difficult.


Production Method

3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid (86404-04-8) is produced through the purification and separation of 3-O-alkyl ascorbyl, each made using the stepwise process from Vitamin C. This production method consists of different steps, such as the reaction of a base and an alkylating agent, vitamin C. O-alkyl ascorbyl ether. The process also includes recovering the reaction solvent, terminating the reaction, diluting the residue using water, and applying the anion exchange resin. The ion exchange column is then purged with a dilute acid combining emission containing 3-O-alkyl ascorbate. After elution is complete, the eluate is concentrated by pressure and then crystallized to produce purified 3-O-alkylascorbic acid ether.

The invention uses the ion exchange separation method to avoid using too much flammable organic solvent. The process is safe and low cost, while still providing quality purification and separation effect. Some companies may have different methods of developing 3-O-ethyl-L-ascorbic acid, but separation and purification is the most common process used in supplement manufacturing. Ethyl ascorbic acid research shows that the medicine can produce quality results when used primarily. For example, the compound acts as an excellent supplement to increase melanin formation and increase collagen synthesis to enhance cell repair. On the other hand, supplementation also helps your skin become smooth, elastic and remove blackheads.


What are the Benefits of IV Therapy (Intravenous Treatment)?

In recent years, studies by scientists have shown that high-dose vitamin C administration plays a significant role in increasing the quality and duration of life in cancer patients, and positive results are obtained when this application is applied in diseases that directly affect the immune system. The reason for this is that after the rise of vitamin C in the blood, it starts to rise in the extracellular fluid and by increasing the hydrogen peroxide levels; It kills cancer cells that provide the formation of free oxygen radicals and does not harm normal cells. In this context; Free oxygen radicals cause faster and more damage to cancer cells, increasing the life expectancy of the infected person. In addition, vitamin C or ascorbate stimulates immune system cells that are impaired in conditions such as infection. As a result, when high-dose vitamin C supplementation is applied for as long as possible, it is a very good alternative to drug treatments for treatment-sensitive and resistant cancer patients.






Because of its vitamin C content, it helps moisturizing your skin. Morning and evening, apply 1-2 drops to your fingertips and massage your face in a circular motion.



It should be stored at room temperature (22 degrees) or below (15 degrees.) International storage (5 degrees)
Keep out of reach of children in its own package. Close the lid tightly. It is for external use. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with a lot of water. Do not apply on open wounds and irritated skin. Before using, do an allergy test on a small part of the skin, do not use it in case of allergic reaction.


Important Note: IV (intravenous) administration is definitely not recommended.

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