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Östafarma Super V LINE

The new, effective lipolytic complex ÖSTAFARMA SUPER V - LINE is the perfect product for the correction of body fat. The use of this indirect application lipolytic for the face has proven effective. It is known that indirect lipolytics for the face are safer than direct lipolytic complexes.

The main advantage is a softer, safer effect, indirect lipolytic is designed for correction, consolidation of the effect achieved after cosmetic procedures.

Lipolytic therapy is prescribed:

when diet and exercise have no real consequences
significant skin sagging
formation of noticeable fat deposits in the chin area (double chin)
visible fat formation in the buccal region
nose shape
oil in the area around the eyes
presence of hernias and pain packs
ÖSTAFARMA SUPER V - LINE SOL removes fat by giving fat burning, face lift effect to cheeks and jowl. Creates a perfect face line with a V-curve.

How to use:

According to reviews of doctors - cosmetologists and patients, ÖSTAFARMA SUPER V - LINE SOLUNION is an indirect fast-acting lipolytic that gives a noticeable effect after the first application.

Like the best lipolytics for the face, this complex is prescribed for tightening (modelling) the oval of the face, correction of the nose, cheek area, correction of the fat layer in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe second chin. The product contributes to the visible smoothing of the facial skin, especially in the area around the eyes (crow's feet), and prevents its re-formation by removing the fat tissue.

An important effect after the application of the lipolytic complex is the normalization of metabolic processes, improvement of the lymphatic system and restoration of the effective functioning of blood vessels.


It accelerates lymph circulation and melts excess fat on the face and also reduces swelling. It will allow you to see the effect of skin regeneration.
It can also be used for drooping pieces produced with age.
Remove fat by giving face lift effect to cheeks and chin. Creates a perfect face line with a V-curve.
Promote cell regeneration and leave skin smooth and elastic.
Show the fast treatment effect of fat removal with excellent results.
Quick and simple treatment in 5-10 minutes and results can be shown with just 1 treatment.

V - LINE facial lipolytic applications in cosmetic procedures have shown significant benefits. According to reviews, this lipolytic complex does not give edema. It's no secret that the application of cosmetic preparations for the breakdown of adipose tissue often gives bloating - this side effect of the procedures greatly spoils the result of work at first. However, SUPER V - LINE SOLUNION lipolytic does not swell.
Good tolerability of this drug is also noted. Since it contains natural components, it does not cause adverse reactions in the body.
When working with this lipolytic, many experts note an economical expense, application in small doses throughout the face.
It is useful to work with this lipolytic, the large part of the substance in the bottle and the low cost of the drug make its use very attractive.
The price of this lipolytic for the face is low, a 10 ml bottle can be used for several procedures.
If the subcutaneous tissue in the oval of the face and the chin area is good, you can pierce up to 10 ml (1 bottle) of the drug from 0.5 to 1.0 ml per application,
It removes excess oil while tightening the skin.

It accelerates the processes of cell renewal and regeneration.
It provides a long-lasting correction result.
Application area:

Cheeks, cheek area;
Skin sagging on the cheeks;
Lower ear area;
Double chin;
Facial skin tightening;
Around the eyes.
At least 5 sessions are required to achieve the desired effect. The interval between treatments is 1 week. In case of serious problems, the course can be extended.

The product is ready to use. It does not require mixing with other solutions.
1 bottle can be used for up to 5 people and a maximum of 2cc can be applied for the full face.
Application depth 5mm,Application amount 0.1~0.2cc, Application range 1cm.
Results can be seen after the 1st treatment, but additional Application may be made if side effects occur.

Materials and Storage method:

Ingredients: Water, horse chestnut extract, Tyrosine, L-carnitine, walnut kernel extract, thermophilic
Capacity: 10ml / 1 bottle, 5 bottles / 1 can
Storage Method: It is valid for 3 years when unopened and stored at room temperature. Once opened, it is still fine to store at room temperature, but refrigerated is recommended for safe and long-term storage.